Learn an instrument

Learning to play a musical instrument is very rewarding.  Some people see it as a hobby, but not us. We see it as a way of life, and ultimately you either want to do it, or you don’t. If you want to do it though, there’s nothing stopping you from making music an integral part of your life.

You may need to justify the reasons why to some people, for example; your parents who will be your funding or to your teachers who see it as just a hobby and think that playing a musical instrument affects the really important things like Maths and English. Well, what do they know? Who wants to be an accountant anyway!

If you’re thinking about why should I learn to play; here are a few things to consider:

Music is social:

By becoming a musician you are joining in on one of the most important facets of our society. Each day millions of people are listening to music at some point. Some do so deliberately, and others do it passively (shops, television, radio, loud earphones), you have to remember music is everywhere and we’re all enjoying it.

Why is it musicians seem to have all the fun? That’s because they do. One major part of being a musician is that it brings people of all ages together. You have the ability to meet like-minded people of your own age. It’s just like being part of a youth club, just better because you all have one thing in common. You love music!

And music has become a major industry because of it. By becoming a musician you are opening the door to a whole new world of opportunities and enjoyment that touches peoples’ lives every day.

Music never leaves you:

Music will stay with you all your life and you will not lose the skills you learn. They may get a little rusty if you don’t use them, but they’ll return when needed.

It also doesn’t matter how good you are either. There are some great opportunities out there for amateur musicians. All over the country there are some very fine amateur orchestras or choral societies that can perform the same music as professionals. If you look hard enough you’ll find something that will suit you.

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