100 Tutors!

Make your profile pretty with a profile picture and create some articles. Need more pupils? Try our featured listing service on your dashboard.

22 January 2012, 23:31

MuTute has reached 100 tutors in its first week of opening! When we have enough tutor coverage accross the UK we will begin marketing the site heavily and expect to receive a heavy flow of traffic from potential pupils, so make sure your profiles look spiffing by uploading a nice picture of yourself along with creating some juicy articles to really give the pupils an idea of what you are capable of as a teacher. 

Have you also considered our Featured Listing option? This can be found in your dashboard area and can be really useful when you feel you need to give your client base a bit of a kick start. 

Stay tuned for some tasty site updates very soon. We will be looking at really expanding the usability within your dashboard area with a calendar feature, rating and feedback systems a video subscription channel and lots more! 


We'd love to hear your feedback and any problems or ideas you have so why not drop a message using the contact form, facebook or by emailing us at hello@mutute.com


Happy Teaching!


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